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Сертифицированное агентство
The total amount of Internet users in Russia has already exceeded 30 million persons, and it is the most active and solvent part of the people.
Advertising on the Internet is most claimed today. And these 30 million users ask Search engines (Yandex, Google, Mail.Ru, Rambler, etc.) to find necessary information about goods or services quickly.

Advantages of advancement and advertising placing in results of search:

  • The main advantage - people find you and, accordingly, already possess high trust to results of search
  • The maximum coverage of an audience - all people use a Search engines
  • Absence of negative reaction of an audience, because advertising is not persuasive.
  • Good combination оf the price and result
  • Great speed of the response of your future clients

Main kinds of Advertising in Internet:

SEO - Conclusion of your site in the lead positions in popular search systems and complex increase its attendance.
Context advertising - Advertising with instant selling effect. It's placing of paid announcements in results of displays search systems.
Media context - the advertisement with a graphic representation, combining the semantic and visual effect, placed in results of search.
Banner advertising - It's a picture or simple animation with your advertising, placed on any Internet resources

We can offer you all kinds of advertising on the Internet and give the necessary information, that you could choose most suitable advertising strategy for you.

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